Boulder’s SparkFun embarks on national education tour

Jordan Valdez stocks inventor kits on Thursday, Dec. 27, at SparkFun Electronics in Boulder.  Credit: Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera

Jordan Valdez stocks inventor kits on Thursday, Dec. 27, at SparkFun Electronics in Boulder. Credit: Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera

It’s road trip time for SparkFun Electronics.

The Boulder-based supplier of electronics bits and bytes and do-it-yourself kits is firing up an RV and heading across America to promote electronics as an educational tool.

SparkFun’s “Department of Education” on Monday announced the launch of its 2013 National Education Tour, an effort to offer at least 50 mobile electronics workshops in all 50 states. SparkFun expects to kick off the tour in June.

At each stop on the nationwide tour — which supplements recent SparkFun initiatives to integrate kinesthetic-style learning and electronics into the classrooms — company officials will supply a “lab pack” related to Arduino programming, e-textiles or PicoBoard Scratch programming.

“I think the most important aspect of this technology and model of learning is that it gives students a chance to have more lasting memories of the information they’re being taught,” Lindsay Levkoff, SparkFun’s director of education, said in a statement. “Rather than just talking about what electricity is, we’re providing a hands-on experience for the student, which creates a deeper understanding of what they’re trying to learn.”

The tour comes just a couple months after SparkFun was unsuccessful in a Kickstarter bid to fund the venture. SparkFun was roughly $90,000 shy of its bid to raise $150,000, which officials said would allow them to donate the kits.

In SparkFun’s pitch today, officials noted the cost to book a mobile workshop would be $1,500 for the first 50 stops and $2,500 for each subsequent stop.



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  2. I know the vitality of education tour and hopefully I try to make education tour in every year with all of my students. I'm a teacher and like to teach my students something different. Thanks

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