Boulder’s Precog steps into public beta

In August, we talked with CEO John De Goes about the progress of his Boulder-based startup, Precog.

At that time, the TechStars alumnus formerly known as ReportGrid had just launched Labcoat, its data analysis tool, and had engaged in discussions with several Fortune 500 companies.

Precog since has launched into public beta. The company has been fine-tuning data warehousing and analysis software tools to help simplify “big data” collection, storage and analysis.

Designed for developers and data scientists, the Precog platform combines the scalability of big data platforms with the number-crunching power of statistical tools.  As a result, development teams can quickly build big data applications without the headache and time commitment of custom data infrastructure development and maintenance, while data scientists can aggregate, massage, analyze, and model large amounts of data without needing a separate ETL process into a small-data statistical tool.

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Alicia Wallace is the business reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera.
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