Gnip bringing Twitter archives to enterprise customers

Gnip PictureFrom “just setting up my twttr” to the billions of tweets that have come in the six and a half years since Twitter’s founding, Boulder-based Gnip today announced it is unleashing a platform that makes every public tweet available to firms for analytical purposes.

Gnip, which provides a slew of social data (roughly 100 billion social media activities per month), launched Historical PowerTrack for Twitter. After more than a year in the works, the technology allows for a variety of companies to access the full breadth of publicly available tweets.

On Gnip’s blog, Rob Johnson, the company’s vice president of product strategy, said the potential for the Twitter social data is immense:

This level of access has never been available and we know it is really going to accelerate the rate of innovation going forward. We think there are new products and businesses that will now be possible with access to a “social layer” of historical data. We frequently ask ourselves “If you could know what the world was saying at any moment in time about any topic, what could you build?”

Last year, Gnip signed on to provide Twitter’s public conversation data to the U.S. Library of Congress archives.

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7 Responses to Gnip bringing Twitter archives to enterprise customers

  1. Alejandro says:

    Creepy stalkers

  2. Bing987 says:

    I think I have only ever sent four tweets in my life.

  3. 1axel says:

    Just one more reason not to tweet . . . ever.

  4. cjapplewood says:

    Not a fan of Twitter, but one more reason not to use – Big Bro is watching.
    Imagine some crap being dredged up from the "archives" from when you were in college, coming back to bite you in the a$$ in your professional career.

  5. et_cetera says:

    Long rumored to be under development, Gnip is expected to announce the Historical PowerTracker for DC Comments in the coming week.