Fraietta: Don’t try to be Silicon Valley …

Mike Fraietta’s blog post this morning caught my eye with its simple and effective headline: “Stop Saying ‘Silicon Valley of the _______’

Although Fraietta — who is the community enterprise manager for NewsCorp. and who also previously worked with firms such as Jive Software and Boulder’s Filtrbox — calls out the Big Apple, I couldn’t help but think of Boulder. It’s not uncommon to hear sentiments such as “Boulder is the Silicon Valley of the natural products industry;” Colorado and Boulder County are the “Silicon Valley of craft beer.”

Mike Fraietta’s advice is simple: “Be yourself, everybody.”

The tech in Silicon Valley is laying a serious foundation which we will all be a part of, but each type of region will create amazing technological advance that only can made in their respective region and/or circumstance. … We’re in a transitional period and it is up to each city/region to maximize technology to better embed human society as an asset into the earth instead of a parasite of it.



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Alicia Wallace is the business reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera.
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One Response to Fraietta: Don’t try to be Silicon Valley …

  1. Mike Fraietta says:

    Thanks for the mention, Alicia. Boulder is where I jumped onto the tech scene and I’m sure that I repeated “Boulder is the Silicon Valley of the Rockies” a few times after first hearing it. Then I heard the same phrase twice more for other cities. Silly.