Precog raises funds to boost data analysis API development

Precog, a Boulder-based startup that provides APIs for data analysis, has raised more than $2 million in equity funding, according to news reports and regulatory filings.


The company formerly known as ReportGrid announced a $2 million Series A round while at GlueCon, reported Tekhne, a Colorado startup news site, on Wednesday.

The round, however, might be higher than what was announced. At 4 a.m., a Form D filing was made with the Securities and Exchange Commission by ReportGrid Inc. that indicated the firm raised nearly $2.8 million.

In VentureBeat’s exclusive that was posted on Tuesday, Precog CEO John De Goes said the alumnus of the Boulder TechStars program wants “to create the world’s first data intelligence-as-a-service offering.”

As he told VentureBeat:

“We provide application vendors with the ability to solve any problem in data analysis without having to write piles of code.”

 To see the press release that is expected to hit the wires tomorrow, check it out here at

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