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Starting Friday night, Boulder will play host to the Cleanweb Hackathon and serve as the fourth stop for the app-developing event’s 10-stop tour.

An emerging trend, cleanweb is the intersection of cleantech and internet, social media, and mobile technologies, aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities created by the need to better conserve natural resources in the way we live, work, and play …

Over the course of one weekend, participants in teams of two or more will compete to create the most user-friendly and effective cleanweb applications designed to help consumers and businesses use natural resources more efficiently.

When it was launched in San Francisco last year by VC Sunil Paul and entrepreneur Blake Burris, the Cleanweb Hackathon attracted 100 participants and resulted in 14 applications.  When the hackathon hit New York in January, 100 developers churned out 15 applications.

Boulder’s Cleanweb event kicks off at 6 p.m. tomorrow at Trada, 1023 Walnut St., in Boulder. Starting Saturday, the developers will meet and hack away at apps judged by the likes of Tim Enwall, the co-founder of Boulder-based Tendril, which recently raised some dough to help develop¬† apps of its own.
The 411: boulder.cleanweb.co.



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