Gnip nabs Tumblr firehouse

Gnip PictureBoulder’s Gnip added another social biggie to its social media API today.

Chris Moody, Gnip’s COO and president, dished the news in the firm’s .

While some social platforms react quickly to news and other events, Tumblr conversations often spread around concepts and trends. Take the example of Urban Outfitters where a photographer posted a picture to her personal Tumblr of a piece from one of their new collections. That post received over 1,000 notes and almost no mention elsewhere. In the case of Land Rover, the company posted a picture of a dog riding in a Land Rover to their Tumblr that received more than 5,000 notes and very little mention on other networks.

He added that he “can’t wait to see what other intriguing use cases they find” for the Tumblr data.

For a little more on Gnip, check out a recent “5 Questions” interview I conducted with CEO Jud Valeski.

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